5CRNRS – Enchanted Boy

Below is a hip hop beat that I made recently. It is based on a song which is mostly famous by a performance by Nat King Cole. The song he is performing goes by the name of “Nature Boy”. The piece was originally composed by Eden Ahbez, and was published in 1947. The interesting thing here is that Eden Ahbez plagiarized the melody from Jewish composer Herman Yablokoff. Originally, the song tells a story about a strange enchanted boy who wandered very far only to learn that the greatest thing is just to love and be loved in return.

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Charity music for Alex Rauca

"All for One" cover art

“All for One” musical compilation cover art created by Raya Tsolova.

My friend Psystein has been travelling around Portugal earlier this year through a sponsoring organization funded by the European Union. In his way he met Alex Rauca who has a disability and in the past 10 years he spent in an electric wheelchair. This wheelchair is now small for Alex and he needs several thousand euros to buy a new one and donate his old one to another child in need. Psystein has big heart and took the initiative to try to collect part of the money through music. This is why he approached me and asked me to take part in a musical collaboration, a compilation called “All for One”. The charity music compilation includes 6 tracks of enchanting electronic music in different styles such as breakbeat, drum and bass, chillout. I am taking part in this initiative with my drum and bass project called Ill Drum Mentals.  When purchasing the “All for One” compilation, the money goes directly to Alex Murca’s Paypal account. The compilation can be heard and purchased HERE, and can be heard below:

Participation in the project also take Bulgarian artists Metaphysical, Zarevo and Maharishi. Hopefully, you will be generous enough in order to make our effort to help Alex successful. For more information and other methods for donation to Alex: AIPD

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First Post

This is the first post.

Just testing for now, won’t type anything interesting.

I will just insert a video of Nat King Cole’s performance of Nature Boy. Incredible music!


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