MC Mooks

Several days ago I randomly discovered a clip on youtube that impressed me much. It is a performance by an MC on a train. He does some “scratches” with his mouth, and he makes his beats only by hands using the surroundings (mainly seats and windows as he’s actually on a train). But this is not what I was impressed by. I was much more affected by the guy’s flow and his vocal blend. He sounds rough and authentic, obviously heavily influenced by old school hip hop. This is something I admire especially in times when cheesy “hip hop” is massively promoted. Below is the video of the performance I am talking about:

Undoubtedly, very talented. I searched around the web to find the name of the MC, and I found out on several websites that his real name is Geoffrey Mookie, a.k.a MC Mooks from Australia. His Facebook page says he is “out to bring back and infuse oldschool hiphop in a deadly way to support loyal artists in the hiphop industry”. This is very brave ambition and deserves admiration. MC Mooks’ video got over a million views in just 3 weeks. I browsed his Youtube channel to find out another video of a song apparently called “Who What What Where and When”, which I liked much more than his first train performance. You can check it out below:

This second performance inspired me momentarily and urged me to start making an instrumental for it. I started by getting the audio from the above video clip and then cleaning it as much as possible from the noises introduced by the train. Afterwards, I imported it in Ableton and warped it so that the beat matches and started building the instrumental around that. I was done after two days of hard work with a very rough demo of the instrumental, with no mixing or mastering of any kind and uploaded it to my Youtube channel. So far the feedback is positive. You can check it out below but make sure you set the video quality to HD as this improves the sound as well. It sounds shitty anyway, but having in mind the circumstances (too much background noise from the acappella), this is acceptable. Have a listen below and feel free to comment:

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