5CRNRS – Rauny 13

This beat was not intended to have any “speaking” until yesterday. After I watched this interview of the Bulgarian rapper 100 Kila at TV7, I had to include a segment of the final part of the broadcast. This segment was presented as some kind of “psycho-linguistic analysis”, which was biased against rap music. Additionally, the whole interview was done by narrow-minded “journalists” who obviously have prejudice against rap and don’t like the fact that their children listen to artists such as 100 Kila because they talk about reality. They put the blame on the artist, rather on themselves and the way they brought up their children. To get an idea of what this is about, here is what the so-called “psycho-linguistic analysis” included:

I remember that today’s representatives of rap music spread ideas of demonization, fetishism and swastikas of the evil. They defile and suppress the intellect in such way that after growing older than 12, rap fans imperceptibly become worshipers of lower “chalga” music, which is allegedly denied by rap.

What kind of utter shit is this? Demonization? Fetishism? Swastikas of evil? How insulting for rap fans! This had to be present in my new beat:

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